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Frequently asked questions

What is BubbleTone?

This is a mobile application that allows you to send text messages and call other BubbleTone users for free. And with CallOut you can call even those who do not use BubbleTone, without affecting your wallet. BubbleTone operates in the WiFi or 3G network.

How to start using BubbleTone?

Don’t need any long registration – BubbleTone uses your phone number as an identifier by specifying that you will automatically get the access code needed to activate BubbleTone, SMS or callback. This simple mechanism protects users from hacking and allows you to confirm that you are the owner of the entered phone number. Thanks to this identification, all BubbleTone users from your phone book will be automatically added to your contact list.

How to add to the BubbleTone account?

Currently the BubbleTone personal account is spent solely on public network calls and SMS. For these purposes, BubbleTone works with network operators-partners. If your mobile operator is a partner of BubbleTone, you can access these services and you automatically have a BubbleTone number. And funds are added to your account by your telecom operator. Soon BubbleTone will offer its own account deposit tools. Stay tuned for news.

Does the BubbleTone work on my phone?

BubbleTone now successfully works on most phones and Android and iOS tablets.

How to use BubbleTone in multi-terminal mode?

Select the BubbleTone application on the new device, specifying the telephone number of a previously registered device. You will receive a temporary code for registration on the first registered device. When you enter this code on the new device then BubbleTone synchronizes all messages. The service is currently in beta testing.

How to send SMS using BubbleTone?

SMS is a paid service. The service is available if you have a positive balance on the account at BubbleTone.